Our Philosophy:

Coaching is not a prescriptive practice; each individual has different levers, backgrounds and environments.  Our focus is to help you develop your own internal best practices so that the skills to resolve issues and make effective decisions remain with you.

Why coaching?

  • A specific need  –  i.e. a new position which requires you to travel without notice.
  •  Change in conditions –  a stretch assignment, a new child, leading a new team.ELIMPlogo (1)
  •  Nothing has changed – ready for change and you are looking for the catalyst?

What do you have to lose without coaching?

  • What worked for you before many not continue to work – due to any of the reasons listed above.
  •  Lack of navigation to see what’s needed after success.
  •  Absence of external stimuli.

What do you have to gain?

  • Success!